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Visioning with the Social Gastronomy Movement

What: 30-min visioning exercise

Where: Online

Hosted by: Social gastronomy movement (SGM)

When: September 2023

Who: Initiatives/NGOs dedicated to food-driven social change

Aim: In preparation for the  Universal plate campaign (UP) 2023, this visioning exercise was designed to ignite participants' creativity and inspire them to envision the future they aspire to create within their communities. 

Key takeaways: 

  1. Participants projected their aspirations for the year 2030, aligning with UP campaign objectives of eradicating hunger and ensuring the universal right to nutritious food.
  2. Key actors and pivotal elements for catalyzing change towards their envisioned future were identified.
  3.  The exercise left participants feeling motivated and encouraged to continue their work, reaffirming their reasons for starting their organizations.